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Buy A Romance of Three Kingdoms VCD at

Buy A Romance of Three Kingdoms VCD at

Famous classics, historical TV serials: A Romance of Three Kingdoms
84 television serials produced by the China Central Television
VCD edition, caption and subtitles in Chinese and English
Published by Shenzheng Xianke Dianzi Youxian Gongsi

A Romance of Three Kingdoms is adapted from one of the most famous Chinese classic novels with the same title by Luo Guanzhong, and based on the history of the Three Kingdoms period (220AD-280AD). The TV serial describes the intricate and tense struggles for the throne among three powerful political forces: Liu Bei, Cao Cao and Sun Quan, and focuses on various great talents and bold strategy during that period. It is an epic times that carries many different outstanding heroes. To reproduces his historical period, China Central Television spent nearly four years on shooting the serial with 84 episodes, and a great deal of funds, manpower & material resources.

The accuracy of its storyline makes it a good guide to Chinese History. Also, with thousands of actors and horses involved in the making of this film, the battle scenes looked very realistic.
The song lyrics are representative of the story. Those who understand Chinese will appreciate these poetic songs and series even more.
The casting was also well done. The portrayal of Guan Yu was very close to what people usually thought of. The smart, kind and intelligent Zhuge Liang, the dumb hero Lu Bu, the wicked yet smart Zhao Zhao, the kind but indecisive Liu Bei, and other characters were all well played by the actors.

1. Swear brothers
2. A political turmoil by the eunuchs
3. Dong Zhou seizes the capital
4. Cao Cao Presents a sword
5. Three heroes fighting with Lu Bu
6. A set of interlocking strategies
7. The Fengyi pavilion
8. Liu Bei declining to take Xuzhou Thrice
9. Sun Ce building his career in Jiangdong
10. Settling disputes by shooting
11. Battle of Wancheng
12. Baimen Tower (part 1)
13. Baimen Tower (part 2)
14. Discussing the heroes of the country when drinking
15. Yuan Shao and Cao Cao Fighting against each other
16. Guan Yu plighting three conditions with Cao Cao
17. Hanging up seal and sealing up the treasures
18. A long solitary journey
19. Meeting at Gucheng
20. Seize of Jiangdong
21. Battle of Guandu (part 1)
22. Battle of Guandu (part 2)
23. Waterloo for Yuan Shao
24. Leaping across the Tan River
25. Looking for the talented person
26. Recommending Zhuge Liang
27. Visiting the Thatched Cottage Thrice
28. Burning Bowangpo
29. Crossing across the Yangtze River with people
30. Arguing against East Wu's scholars
31. Irritating Zhou Yu by wisdom
32. A failed scheme by Zhou Yu
33. The meeting of heroes
34. Borrowing arrows from Cao Cao
35. The self-tortured ruse
36. Pang Tong presenting scheme of Chaining ships
37. Composing a poem when wielding spear
38. Zhuge Liang sacrificing for procuring a wind
39. The burning of Chibi
40. Taking Nanjun by strategy
41. Battle of Nanjun
42. Beauty trap
43. Ganlu Temple
44. Return to Jingzhou
45. Anger Zhou Yu thrice
46. Zhuge Liang mourns for the dead
47. Cao Cao took to his heels
48. Zhang Song presents a map
49. Liu Bei enters west shu
50. Slope of fallen phoenix
51. Releasing Yan Yan righteously
52. The capture of West Shu
53. Guan Yu goes to a feast alone but armed
54. Battle of Hefei
55. Contending for Succession
56. The battle fo Dingjun Mountain
57. Capturing Hanzhong by clever scheme
58. Drowned seven armies
59. Guan Yu Being defeated in Maicheng
60. Death of Cao Cao
61. Cao Pi usurping state power of Han Dynasty
62. Expedition to Dongwu
63. Burning of Shu's camps
64. Settling attacks from five directions
65. Crossing the Lu River
66. Asking the way in desperate situation
67. Capturing and releasing Meng Huo seven times
68. The expedition of North
69. Reducing Jiang Wei to submission
70. Sima Yi being restored to command
71. Zhuge Liang holding the enemy back by putting on a bold front
72. Sima Yi seizing the seal of commander
73. Zhuge Liang setting his wits to Sima Yi at Qishan
74. Zhuge Liang juggling on the beach
75. The sixth north expedition at Qishan Mountain
76. Extinguishing the rain in Shangfang Valley
77. Zhuge Liang died in Wuzhang Plain
78. Sima Yi seizing military power from Cao Shuang by false illness
79. Coups happening in the Wu Palace
80. Sima Zhao being besieged in Tielong Mountain
81. Sima Zhao murdering the Emperor of Wei
82. The ninth North Expedition to Central Plains
83. Deng Ai making surprise advance by sideway to Yinping
84. Jin uniting the Three Kingdoms eventually.

All episodes of online can be found here:《A Romance of Three Kingdoms》

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